Big Brush Watercolour with Dale Laitinen November 2019

November 15 to 17, 2019 at Kensington Art Supply

Big Brush Watercolor will be the focus of this workshop, using creative shapes as building blocks to our landscape designs. This workshop will include painting demonstrations and talks each morning, along with individual painting instruction during class time. This workshop will emphasize using sketches as a way to get to good design, and the creative interpretation of landscape photos through the drawing process. Dale will provide technical instruction on transparent and opaque watercolor; color layering and mixing, and class critique.

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Acrylic Landscape Painting with Randy Hayashi January 2020

January 24 to 26, 2020 at Kensington Art Supply

The focus of this workshop is to create a compelling landscape painting with acrylic paint. We will explore the importance of design and composition before painting and how to simplify what you see in your reference photo. This will involve sketching and trying different value studies with pencil and paper.

The goal is also to expand the participants understanding of acrylic painting and to encourage expressive use of color and to share an array of tips and techniques. Each day the workshop will include a short demo and mini-lessons through the day as well as individual instruction.

Registration opens at 6 pm on Wednesday, December 18, 2019.

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Making a Good Painting with Deborah Tilby February 2020

February 21 to 23, 2020 at Kensington Art Supply

So many elements go into making a good painting and in this workshop we will cover as many as time permits, including composition, value sketches, black and white studies and blocking in with full colour. We will pay particular attention to making a good beginning. The initial block in can have an enormous effect on the progress of that painting; it can flow relatively smoothly or be a struggle all the way through. Deborah will demonstrate several ways to tackle that initial block in, and demonstrate her approach to any problems that arise, offering plenty of help one-on-one. Reference photos will be available but you may bring any that you feel will make good paintings.

Acrylic painters are welcome, but Deborah will be doing all demos of block in methods in oil, which acrylic painters may not find useful.

Registration opens at 6 pm on Wednesday, January 15, 2020.

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Loose and Lively Landscapes with Perry Haddock March 2020

March 20 to 22, 2020 at Kensington Art Supply

This workshop will focus on the idea that painting can be fun and experimental. Too often we prevent ourselves from letting loose because we think we need to follow a strict formula, or that we must end up with a finished painting that fits our preconceived idea of “perfection”. I like to think of a painting session as messing around with ten bucks worth of materials. As a result, I can take creative risks, try new ideas or new palettes, and learn something during the session. I might even get a killer painting out of it. But if not, I’ve invested ten bucks and had fun. Through exercises and demonstrations, Perry will show his approach to tackling design fundamentals and processes, and participants will be encouraged to break out of their old routines and “out of the box.” Bring your sense of fun and adventure.

Perry will be painting with acrylics. Oil painters are welcome, but some of the processes may not be completely transferable.

Registration opens at 6 pm on Wednesday, February 19, 2020.

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Contemporary Portraiture with Brian Smith April 2020

April 17 to 19, 2020

This exciting portraiture painting course will develop your ability to capture the likeness of any model in acrylics or oils. Starting with an understanding of the shapes and planes of the face, portrait composition, value studies through to monochromatic paintings, you will advance to expressive paintings of the model in a full palette. Works by a variety of artists will be discussed throughout the course.

Registration opens at 6 pm on Wednesday, March 18, 2020.

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Oil and Cold Wax Landscape with Laura Culic May 2020

May 22 to 24, 2020 at Kensington Art Supply

Learn how to “paint in the moment” and work with oil and cold wax. Experience how cold wax gives oil paint a stiffer, more buttery body which lends itself in creating texture and depth. Use various tools, such as squeegees, credit cards, palette knives, and brayers to build up layers, and scrape back into your work to reveal underlying imagery in surprising and exciting ways. Focus on exploring the cold wax medium, and learn to loosen up and let chance and serendipity influence your work. Use your “mistakes” to contribute to the interest, depth and sense of history in a piece. Laura will offer plenty of one-on-one instruction, insightful and constructive critique and positive encouragement. Participants are encouraged to work on several pieces at once, to allow a true sense of play and experimentation to pervade.

Registration opens at 6 pm on Wednesday, April 15, 2020.

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Paint Ins

FCA Calgary is hosting Paint In sessions on the second Wednesday morning and Thursday evening of the month at Kensington Art Supply. The instructor will begin with a 30 minute demo and the remaining time, will mentor artists as they paint projects they are working on. Bring your own art supplies in the medium of your choice and work on your own project in the company of fellow artists. Artists Rex Beanland, Ingrid Christensen, or Mary Leigh Doyle will be on hand to provide one-on-one guidance as you develop your painting.

Kensington Art Supply is also offering participants 15% off any art supplies purchased during the session.

Open to both FCA Calgary members and non-members.



120, 6999 – 11 Street SE, Calgary, AB T2H 2S1


Volunteer Positions (Paint in host)

Host a paint-in and attend for free. Arrive 15 minutes early, take attendance, and make sure the instructor has what they need. If you are interested in volunteering to be a host you can sign up here.


President’s Message November 2018 Everyone,

This newsletter is packed full of information and is summarized as follows:

  1. Bobbi Dunlop Workshop Next Weekend
  2. Additional Membership Survey
  3. Opportunities to Participate and Contribute within our organization
  4. Workshop Committee in the midst of planning 2 years of monthly workshops
  5. Bimonthly drop-in painting nights with Mentor Susan Woolgar
  6. November meeting with watercolorist George Gordon


Bobbi Dunlop Workshop Next Weekend
(Nov 9-11)

There are still four spots remaining for the workshop and there are currently only 4 people signed up for the Friday night demo between 7:00 and 9:00 pm.  You can still sign up at the following link:

Additional Membership Survey

Thank you to everyone who attended October’s meeting and to everyone who took the time to complete the survey. We discussed the results of the survey extensively and the results are highlighted in the minutes.  If you don’t mind spending a few minutes filling out an additional survey to gain more insight on what our members are looking for, the link is below:
FCA Calgary Membership Survey November 2018 – please complete by end of day Sunday, November 12.

Opportunities to Participate and Contribute within our organization

We would love to move forward with many of the great ideas that were suggested in the survey.  In order to do that, we need volunteers to step forward.  We have decided to put committees together with smaller roles, so the tasks are not as daunting and have more of an opportunity to be social in nature.  I have included a list of opportunities that people can become involved in. Currently, all of the positions listed are vacant.  We can build a phenomenal organization if we get people in place working together to get each simple task done.  I think the momentum is starting to roll and it will keep compounding as we get more people on board.   We would like to launch a campaign to promote the FCA and have some new artists join the organization.  We can grow this organization into something amazing.  Please fill out the survey and contact me if you can’t wait to get on board.
"Looking back, I realize I was happiest when active and involved in serving the FCA. Proof of the old adage, "the more you give the more you receive". Volunteering your time can be very rewarding in more ways than one and I recommend everyone try it."
A quote from Ken Lampard…
As a pressing matter, I am sad to announce that Shannon King has stepped down as secretary.  In a note to me, she mentioned the following:
“The work you are doing to rebuild and breath fresh air into the organization is important and desired by new members. I am very proud of what has happened over the past year and how you have stepped up as a leadership team to continue the very difficult transformation to being a Functioning Board (with full fiduciary responsibilities to its members).”
Unfortunately, we cannot run a full executive board without someone taking her place.  It is not a difficult position and it is a great way to get involved with the organization. The duties are listed in the notes below.
Secretary – this is the most pressing position, as we cannot run our chapter with a vacant executive member position.  The Secretary is responsible for all the correspondence of the FCA Calgary Chapter. He/She prepares and keeps minutes from all meetings, and makes these available to members upon request. The Secretary also has custody of all records and documents of the chapter except those required to be kept by the Treasurer.
Promotions Coordinator  – We would like to make a flyer with information about membership and how to apply to the FCA.  This would be available at some popular art supply stores, local galleries and other art organizations around the city
Social Media Coordinator – We would like to have all of the articles from art avenue  posted on the Facebook group (and Instagram?). We are looking for someone to monitor posts from members regarding upcoming shows, exhibits, awards and workshops… Maybe features from member artists etc. Someone who has an understanding of social media would be great.
Paint-in Host – We need someone to act as a host for our bi-annual drop-in painting nights on the first and third Thursday’s of each month.  Come paint, take attendance and hand out the odd cheque.  We don’t need commitment for all the sessions as we can have different people fill in as needed.  I would love to have someone who makes sure that there is a host attending each session. 
Show Committee Coordinator – we will be gathering up show committee members for the spring show.  We need someone to chair the committee and act as show coordinator in order to run the show through the FCA organization.  Details on the show committee will be available shortly
Newsletter Coordinator – This person would gather information from the president and the other committee chairs to spread information in a monthly newsletter for the chapter.
Program Coordinator – We are looking for a Program Coordinator to help in planning and organizing programs and activities at monthly meetings.

Workshop Committee in the midst of planning 2 years of monthly workshops

I am happy to announce that we have put a team of six individuals together for our workshop committee.  We met for dinner this past Tuesday to take on the task of planning two years’ worth of workshops.  It is important to the organization to continue providing great workshops to our members. More details will follow shortly.

Bi-monthly drop-in painting nights with mentor Susan Woolgar

As requested strongly by the members who responded to the survey, we are in the final stages of setting up a bi-monthly paint-in at Kensington Art Supply.  It will be a drop-in event with Susan Woolgar as a mentor – bring your paintings in any media, socialize with other members and take-in Susan’s tips to turn your paintings into masterpieces. It will be held the first and third Thursday of each month starting in January.  Details are still being confirmed and information and sign-up details will be available shortly.

November Meeting

We will be meeting Tuesday, November 20th, at Lakeview Community Association at 7:00 pm  We will discuss all of the items we have talked about in this newsletter and I am happy to announce that we have George Gordon doing a Watercolour demo.  Looking forward to seeing everyone.
Here’s a link to the October Meeting Minutes.

Tracy Proctor
President, FCA Calgary Chapter


President’s Message October 2018

Hello FCA Calgary Chapter Members,

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at the meeting this Tuesday evening. James Tenote is on the program to do a demonstration in the second half of the meeting. Most importantly, we will be discussing the compiled results of the survey and how we will use the information moving forward. It was great to see so many people took part and provided interesting feedback and comments – thanks for your involvement. The business side of the meeting will be very short. I have listed the topics in point form below.


  1. Survey Results
  2. New format of monthly meetings starting November
    • November meeting – Demo by George Gorden
    • January Meeting – Critique by Sharon Williams
  3. Bobbie Dunlop workshop information
  4. Focus Groups for action plans to execute results of the survey
  5. Blog content on website – Facebook page for member’s news
  6. Membership dues
  7. Demo from James Tenote

We will meet, as usual, on Tuesday, October 16 at 7 pm at the Lakeview Community Center (6110 34 ST, Calgary, AB T3E 5L6).

You can review September’s chapter meeting minutes here.

Tracy Proctor
President, FCA Calgary Chapter

President’s Message September 2018

Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone had a great summer and is eager for a fresh start to the Calgary Federation Chapter.  First and foremost, I would like to thank everyone who attended the brainstorming session in the spring.  There were so many various ideas and many of them will be obtainable over the course of the year if we have people in place to execute all of these fabulous ideas.  The consensus that I received is that people were looking for a place to build relationships in the art community.

My goal this year is to step back, rebuild and do exactly that.  The lifeblood of a volunteer organization runs on its members’ strengths and input.  I believe that members have to feel a connection with one another and feel like they are benefiting from their involvement before they step forward and donate their valuable time and energy. There is obviously a disconnect in that department, as there are very few people stepping forward to fulfill those commitments.  If, at this time, we focus on the rebuild instead of forcing members to volunteer, we can obtain better results down the road.

Just a few quick updates for you and I’ll begin with the most pressing matter:  Edgemont “Art Harvest”  Exhibition is cancelled due to a lack of volunteers. We could not move forward with Vancouver without a Show Coordinator and Artist Submission Coordinator.  It’s plain and simple – without man-power, there can be no show.

I am happy to announce that the FCA Calgary website refresh is finished and the results are incredible.  A big thank you to Pamela Jones for all of her tireless efforts to make this work. We will be reviewing the website at the meeting next Tuesday night.

Here’s a link to minutes from our Special Annual General Meeting held May 15, 2018.

I will be driving from Penticton next Tuesday and may not arrive until after 7:00 pm.  Laurie Thompson will be chairing the meeting until I arrive.

See you next week.

Tracy Proctor
FCA Calgary President