Contemporary Portraiture with Brian Smith November 2020

November 6 to 8, 2020

This exciting portraiture painting course will develop your ability to capture the likeness of any model in acrylics or oils. Starting with an understanding of the shapes and planes of the face, portrait composition, value studies through to monochromatic paintings, you will advance to expressive paintings of the model in a full palette. Works by a variety of artists will be discussed throughout the course.

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Oil and Cold Wax Landscape with Laura Culic – CANCELLED

May 22 to 24, 2020 at Kensington Art Supply

Learn how to “paint in the moment” and work with oil and cold wax. Experience how cold wax gives oil paint a stiffer, more buttery body which lends itself in creating texture and depth. Use various tools, such as squeegees, credit cards, palette knives, and brayers to build up layers, and scrape back into your work to reveal underlying imagery in surprising and exciting ways. Focus on exploring the cold wax medium, and learn to loosen up and let chance and serendipity influence your work. Use your “mistakes” to contribute to the interest, depth and sense of history in a piece. Laura will offer plenty of one-on-one instruction, insightful and constructive critique and positive encouragement. Participants are encouraged to work on several pieces at once, to allow a true sense of play and experimentation to pervade.


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