DVD Library

The DVD Library is a collection of DVD’s that has been purchased over the years using casino money that the Chapter has earned and received from the Provincial Government. The DVD Library holds over 145 DVD’s that may be borrowed by Calgary Chapter Members.


    • Members may take out 2 DVD’s at a time and are required to return them one month later.
    • Overdue fee’s will be charged for DVD’s that are not returned by the due date: * $5.00 per DVD per Month late
    • The current DVD Librarian is Lori Clipperton she can be contacted by email or phone:

403-249-8155 (home – please leave a message)

    • DVD’s may be picked up and dropped off at Lori’s home in the Community of Elmont, in Springbank Hill, Calgary. Lori will give you her address when you contact her. Other alternatives for drop off or pick up could be made depending on the situation.

Click on the following to view the various DVD collections.