Welcome!  Membership is a wonderful way to meet other artists and to keep growing artistically!  The FCA Calgary Chapter offers two primary levels of membership: Supporting and Active.  Every Calgary Chapter membership entitles you to attend chapter meeting with interesting presenters, demos, and other events and gives you great discounts on workshops. Only Active Members may show and sell their work in our juried exhibitions.

In order to be a member of the Calgary Chapter, you must belong to our parent organization as well. The headquarters of the national Federation of Canadian Artists is on Granville Island in Vancouver and that is also the location of our national gallery which has many different shows per year. If you are an Active Member you can submit your artwork for consideration in one of the shows, can win awards, titles and prizes, and can list your website on the FCA website. In addition, your national Supporting or Active membership includes a subscription to Art Avenue magazine, a biweekly e-newsletter and discounted rates on workshops, classes and advertising. The membership year runs from January to December but new members who join October to December will have their membership extended to the end of the following year. Currently, at the national level, Supporting Memberships cost $65 while Active Memberships cost $95.

Joining the Calgary Chapter or renewing your membership is much easier if you have already paid for your national membership and have an emailed receipt saved on your computer. If you have not yet paid for your national FCA membership, please click on the appropriate button below to pay your national membership online:
Click here if you are applying for FCA membership for the first time
Click here to renew your national FCA membership

Here’s how to get the Vancouver receipt ready to be used for the Calgary online renewal process.   You will receive an email from the Vancouver FCA  with the receipt. Right click on the icon for the file and click on “save” and save it to the desktop where you can easily find it when you browse for it during the Calgary online renewal process. Alternatively, you can click on the receipt to open it and go to File>Save as or File>Save. If you find that too confusing, just forward the email from Vancouver to me at [email protected]

We hope you will pay for your Calgary Chapter membership online as well. Doing so updates your personal information and membership instantly. However, you may also pay by phone with a credit card or by lettermail with a cheque. Use the form below to contact the membership coordinator if you do not want to renew online.

Click here to pay for an FCA Calgary Supporting Membership for $25/year.
A Supporting Membership is for anyone interested in the arts, and membership allows you to participate in our monthly chapter meetings and scheduled events. Membership also allows you to participate in FCA Calgary workshops, demos and lectures at a discounted fee. Your total cost for the year as a supporting membership is $90 ($65 for national membership and $25 for the chapter membership). If you go to just 2 workshops and demos, you will break even. Beyond that and you’ll be saving money:)

Click here to pay for an FCA Calgary Active/Signature Membership for $50/year.
Active Membership allows artists with consistent and high quality artworks to participate in our juried exhibitions; be eligible for titles, awards and prizes; submit shrink-wrapped art for display at the FCA gallery in Vancouver; and for a fee, have your website and a picture of one of your artworks listed on the Calgary FCA ‘Gallery’ webpage.   An annual Active membership costs $155 in total ($60 for the chapter membership and $95 for the national membership).

Click here to purchase an FCA name badge.

To become an Active Member, you must first be a Supporting Member, and you must submit a portfolio of ten (10) original artworks for approval by a Signature Member of the FCA. This is all done at the national level.
Click here for more information on how to become an Active FCA member

If you are juried in and have paid your national upgrade fee of $30, you will then upgrade your local membership by paying an extra $25.
Click here to upgrade your chapter membership from supporting to active

If you are an active member, you can post your name, website and one image on our Calgary Chapter “Artist Gallery”, and update your information whenever you like:
Click here to add your information to the Artist Gallery

The Federation of Canadian Artists also awards Associate (AFCA) and Senior (SFCA) Signature status to Active Members who have exhibited a consistent level of excellence in their art practice. Associate Signature members may use the designation AFCA behind their names. Senior Signature status is our highest level of achievement recognizing members with outstanding quality, and allows members to use the designation SFCA. Both AFCA and SFCA members may serve as jurors for FCA shows and SFCA members may become members of the FCA Board of Governors. Want to learn more?
Click here to apply for Signature Status with the FCA.

Contact our Membership Coordinator, Christine Selbstaedt, if you have any questions or inquiries using the form below.