Volunteer Positions

Executive Committee Positions

Our executive committee is elected by the membership at the Annual General Meeting in April. Members of the Executive typically serve a two year term (the President usually serves a three year term), and are expected to attend monthly executive and chapter meetings from September through to May (excluding December). Volunteers transitioning out of a role always provide assistance and support for new members taking over.

The President chairs the General and Executive meetings of the FCA Calgary Chapter, and acts as the liaison between the Calgary chapter and the National Federation Executive. The President also coordinates the work of chapter committees, with assistance from the Vice Presidents.

The First Vice President carries out the duties of the President during his/her absence, and provides support to the President as required.

The Second Vice President carries out the duties of the President during his/her absence if the First Vice President is also unavailable, and provides support to the President and First Vice President.

The Treasurer processes payments and tracks expenses for membership fees, workshops, demonstrations, and exhibitions (including art sales). The Treasurer works with our (paid) accountant to track the payments and expenses, prepare the financial year end and Alberta Gaming and Liquor Council (AGLC) funding report. No accounting skills are required but a basic understanding of banking and organizational skills are good to have. The paid accountant takes care of all of the inputting, year-end filing and AGLC report.

The Secretary is responsible for all the correspondence of the FCA Calgary Chapter. He/She prepares and keeps minutes from all meetings, and makes these available to members upon request. The Secretary also has custody of all records and documents of the chapter except those required to be kept by the Treasure.

The Past President transitions his/her knowledge and experience to the incoming President and attends executive and general meetings when available.

Volunteer Committee Positions

Like any successful non-profit organization, the heart of FCA Calgary lies in the volunteers who help plan workshops and chapter events, fundraise for the organization, and plan and host the two or three artwork exhibitions presented by the chapter. We can’t do this without your help, so please consider volunteering your time and skills in any of the following areas. Many of these roles require only a small time commitment per month. Volunteers typically serve a one year term, but if you can only help out for one event, we’ll take it! More experienced chapter members are always willing to pass along their learnings to volunteers new to a role.

The Membership Coordinator maintains records of the FCA Calgary Chapter membership. All pertinent information is kept on a spreadsheet and updated regularly. The membership co-ordinator is responsible for meeting new members and guiding them through the application process for both supporting and active membership. Help is offered wherever needed to make the process smooth. This volunteer position is ideal for newer members as it is an excellent way of getting to know people within the chapter and also works closely with members of the board.

The Exhibition Committee plans and executes all shows hosted by the chapter. The Exhibition Coordinator oversees all other committee positions and coordinates the volunteer efforts to ensure a successful show. In a given exhibition, all members who have artwork hanging in the show are expected to volunteer for one or more of the roles listed below.

  • Hanging Committee
  • Invitation Design and Distribution
  • Jury Coordinator
  • Publicity Coordinator
  • Door Prize Coordinator
  • Cash Table Volunteer
  • Title Cards Volunteer
  • Biography Book Volunteer
  • Award Certificates Volunteer
  • Wrapping Table
  • Greeters and Counter
  • Floor Assistants
  • Sign Placement Crew
  • Show Brochure

The Workshop Coordinator plans and delivers all FCA workshops, including sourcing and scheduling instructors and workshop venue, advertising and promoting the workshops, managing registration, ordering supplies and/or providing the supply list to registered attendees, hosting the workshop and supporting the instructor as needed (booking hotel, transport to and from the airport and workshop, setting up workshop studio). The Workshop Coordinator also participates on the executive board, manages the FCA contract with the instructor, provides receipts to participants, manages expenses and payments for instructor and workshop venue, and submits receipts to the Treasurer. In the past, this position has been shared by multiple volunteer members.

The Social Coordinator arranges for refreshments at exhibitions, meetings and other social occasions and is responsible for opening the meeting place before General meetings. The Social Coordinator purchases food items before the meeting, and maintains the inventory of various sundry items (coffee, tea, sugar, cups, plates). All expenses are submitted to the Treasurer for reimbursement.

The FCA Calgary chapter receives much of its funding by hosting a casino approximately once every two years. The Casino Chairperson is the primary liaison between the chapter and the Alberta Liquor and Gaming Control (AGLC), and oversees the volunteers needed to complete the casino, as well as determining the shift schedule. Each of our casinos runs 2 days, and requires 5 shifts of 4 to 6 volunteers per shift. For each shift, we need volunteers to fill the positions below, as well as 6 people for the Count Room at the end of the evening. Training is provided, and volunteers receive a meal stipend and a voucher that can be used to pay for workshop fees.

  • General Manager
  • Alternate General Manager, if required
  • Banker
  • Count Room Supervisor
  • Cashiers (2)
  • Chip Runners (1-2)

In addition to the positions listed previously, there are a number of smaller, support roles within the organization. Each of these positions is important to the success of the chapter. Please consider volunteering in any capacity you can.

  • Newsletter Editor
  • Art Avenue Liaison
  • Program Coordinator
  • DVD Librarian
  • Webmaster
  • Social Media Volunteer